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By wvbuckmaster
Ok I've always got a pic or two late but lately I'm getting them daily that are a day late. Not all pics been like this. Some come when they suppose to. First off last week I let my premium subscription expire. I bought more credits same day. Since then I have been to camera and powered on off and changed batteries. Since this day my status report and daily pic that is taken are delayed. Time and date are correct in camera. Today I have been getting pics from yesterday morning. I got pics yesterday morning but now it's sending those that didn't send yesterday. Camera is up to date as far as firmware.

Anyone else experiencing these issues or have in the past and what's the fix? Thanks
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By johnnydeerhunter
I'm seeing a little more delay than normal with emailed pics but they are coming in right away as normal on the app.
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By johnnydeerhunter
I get mine through text. Sorry I didn't originally post that. Does that have any effect?

Yes, the app is faster to receive the pics and less affected by things that cause the text and email delay. You can also change all of your camera settings and see your status reports through the app.

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