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By Uncle Rico
Hello. I two Verizon GoCams, and one of them just inexplicably quit sending pictures last night. The power level on all pictures prior to the issue is shown as 5. However it wouldn't shock me if the batteries are getting low, since both cameras were set out on the same date and have taken similar numbers of pictures. I just had to change the batteries in the other one last week, and obviously I am regretting not changing them both. Could it be the batteries despite the power level being shown as 5?

Also, I notice when I go into the Gowireless App, if I try to open a picture from the camera that stopped working, it says "no photo available". Not sure if this indicates a different issue than the batteries, but it would seem that way to me.

Any help is much appreciated! Cameras are 4 hrs away so obviously it's not convenient to visit them right now. Thanks!
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By LibbyLA
What type of batteries?

The other usual suspects are data plan running out and premium credit running out. First seems likely because you probably have your cameras on your phone plan. You didn't say whether you got both cameras at the same time, which would mean they would run out of premium credits at the same time.

It's also not your phone number being blacklisted because you are using the app.

It's probably something simple and I'must sure otherst will have some other ideas. You may want to call HCO tech support, 770-582-0004, 9 AM-6 PM Eastern M-Frank.

I have seen random PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE thumbnails for no apparent reason. Sometimes tapping on it does display the photo. I don't Ave an explanation.
By Uncle Rico
thanks for the response.....after some digging I think I am comfortable enough with assuming its the batteries that I will just wait until I am there this weekend.

As for the no photo available, I'm pretty sure I'm the guilty party, since I deleted the photo gallery off my phones storage due to low remaining capacity on my phone. Lesson learned.
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By Roscoe
Have you set up the auto purge in the mobile settings in the app? Using this set at just a few days and archiving only the pics you want to save is very handy in controlling the volume of pictures that stay on your phone.

Edit: Also, check your SD card for pictures since it stopped transmitting when you go back out there. If it is just a low battery problem, there's a pretty good chance the camera is still taking and saving pics. It just does not have the juice to transmit them.
By Uncle Rico
Ok I have an update since I visited the camera today.

The batteries were dead. However when I installed new batteries and turn the power switch to either "on" or "setup", the green light on the front of the unit blinks for a short period, then stops.

But I get absolutely nothing on the display screen. I am thinking I need to reset the camera, but I cannot do it through the menus since the screen is blank.

Any thoughts? Anyone know how to reset the camera manually? Any help is appreciated!
I would try a different set of batteries and if that doesn't do it you may have to call HCO.
By Uncle Rico
Forgot to post up when I finally found a solution.....turns out the firmware was locked up in the camera. HCO sent me the firmware to try to load onto the camera, but no luck. They then had me send the camera in, and following inspection they sent me a new camera.

While I was miffed at the camera locking up, it was probably my fault for letting the batteries go dead, and I am very happy with them replacing the camera.
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