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By code1
Anyone here been running one of the 2016 Agressor Wireless cameras? Any feedback after weeks/months of use?

I've been running 2015/2016 Spartans , 2016 Code Blacks and recently picked up 2016 Aggressor wireless to test out. With several HCO 2G wireless Pandas going black in December I need some replacements.

My first good impressions:

Really fast trigger speed under 1/4 second and good PIR range

640x480 MMS pics are pretty good, they seem sharper than the other MMS models I have/had sending 640x480 pics ( not as nice as Spartan 1280x960 pics though)

Camera setup ,menu and the IPhone APP is all very easy to use.

You can have APP and send MMS text both same time( handy for security I always seem to see real time text faster)

GPS feature flat out works great , I wish my Spartan and Code Blacks had this feature

NIght Shutter settings work and make a big difference. I perfer Medium setting ,the fast setting pics are darker, however sharp even with motion maybe good for vehicle ID/ fast moving objects

Basic plan 9.99 for 1500 pics which is do able for trail/security (nothing beats Spartans MMS price wise)

Negative impressions for far:

Case size is about 15% to 20% bigger (harder to hide) and no camo finish ( However, Aggressor has no tall antenna size wise)

Aggressor has a built in stub antenna which isn't as good in those 1-2 cell bar spots. (The postive more durable since you can't break antenna/ or have water leak antenna wise)

Screen doesn't have Signal bar you have to send test picture and review signal strength on picture.

APP is pretty simple , not the Cadillac app HCO has with the Spartans.

No security access code which sucks because with the GPS feature odds are if stolen some idiot would power up camera and GPS tag their house for police recovery. I would think when they see LCD screen reading GPS downloading they could turn camera off fast. That said most thief's aren't to smart and may wait for the camera GPS to lock
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Wish I had more long term feedback, but I guess we will have to wait and see over time. To be honest my Spartans have been my favorite overall they are just hard to beat feature and APP wise.

I plan on setting up the two Aggressor MMS cams on our property roads the fast trigger will make sure nothing drives by without a pic. In the past faster moving ATV's/ vehicles have slipped by our cams.

I've only spoke to one owner 2016 Aggressor MMS he has had his cam over two plus months no issues. He has been running lithium AA's over two to three months and still going strong on his lease gate/entry maybe 15 pics a day/night tops.
I guess we will see long term . They still have a lot to prove to me over the next few weeks before I would by another.

I'm really upset my 2G HCO Panda's will go black soon. These cams have been the bread and butter of my cell security cams. Their size and shape just hides better in the woods than my Spartans,Code Blacks and now Aggressor MMS do.

The only draw back was the 8 batteries using SMS/real time command mode. Once I figured out turning off SMS more than doubled the run time I had no issues with battery life for security/roads/trails type use.

I wish someone would make a basic 8 battery , small and well camo MMS camera again like the old Panda or 580 MMS models.
I was able to play with one for about a week, here are a few day and night pics. My thoughts are pretty much the same as code1's.]

Wow! Those are some nice photos! Nice bucks also! Are those the photos it sends you? What is the thumbnail size of those photos?
I hear the service for AT&T if only 2 bars won't send as with our Coverts and others who have Spartan have no problem when there's only 2 bars. The other problem I see there is no external battery connection only a connection for solar. Where I have cameras there is no sunlight so I rely on the battery backups. The photo's look great maybe even better than the Spartan and Coverts 640x480 at least the night photo's. I will say my bobcat photo on my avatar is great.
O.K. thank you and not sure about that stubby antenna for cell signal in areas that aren't that great. I think someone had posted there might be problems. I have asked for a new Spartan AT&T blackout cammo for XMAS and was deciding on this camera but it's too new to the market and will have to wait for bugs to be worked out otherwise. I put out that Native Outdoors has the Aggressor Wireless for $320.00 don't know how much you paid as they also have the Spartan AT&T blackout for $340.00.
Yes they are ....640x480

Very Nice clear photos for 640x480! I can tell you this much, the flash on the 2016 Aggressor Wireless is way better than the Covert Camera! I have a regular Bushnell Aggressor and my nighttime photos are so foggy! No where near as nice as yours. I'll have to contact Bushnell after the season to see what the issue is with my camera. Thanks for sharing your photos.
What gives with the different color Bushnell emblem? I was on the website and and their Hires images cost .99 cent a piece which could get expensive if you didn't watch it. One video shows a high screw on antenna, is that true or the stubby that is harden to the camera? I think I'm going to answer my question and the video is of Trouphy camera wirerless and it's only a 2G. Would of hope they would of moved the screwed on antenna to the Agresser model." target="_blank" target="_blank

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