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Hopefully I was able to get one while on sale (still $267 isn't bad for cellular) and what I like is you get your first 30 days free. I want to try it out where the Covets work in poor cellular coverage in 2 bars with 6v 12AH battery and see how things work. HCO doesn't charge for the higher resolution like Bushnell does at .99 cents a piece. As long as their thumbnails look that good on the standard resolution I would be happy.
Guys I'm liking these bushnell Wireless aggressor cams overall I went ahead and bought a few more totaling six now. Stopping there that's all I need cell wise now.

These have great IR brightness for black flash cell models, nice 640 class mms pics , good battery life using lithium AA's, fair cell service pricing 9.99 for 1500 pics, fastest cell trigger speed of the spartan/covert/aggressor cell models.

Draw backs the lack of external antenna limits me to areas of two IPhone bars cell service area. PIR lens needs tape to limit FOV to get more centered pics. Lack of external battery plug just one for solar panel only.

Overall these are mainly for security around our land they do a awesome job at that.

I rate my cell models like this Spartan 1#, Aggressor#2 and Covert #3 for overall performance, cost to run and ease of use.
Alittle electric tape on the PIR edges focuses the PIR FOV more centered . The PIR FOV matched the camera FOV so close I would get a lot of "nose" or empty pictures when deer crossed side to side. The fast trigger speed on the aggressor makes that happen more.

I had to cover about 20% each side of the PIR in my walk test to make sure the camera picture had me near center of the FOV
Seems this Cam may give HCO some competition in the future!

The only problem I see is the reception problem with the non replaceable stub Antenna, why in the heck would they put that on the cam without the option to replace with a booster Antenna?

My guess is the Cam could easily be hacked to fix the problem but then that would void the warranty. At this point "I AM A NON-BUYER" until Bushnell wakes up and fixes this problem!
The internal antenna isn't all bad. First, you can't break it plus it can't ever it leak water into the camera (which has happened in the past to me with other MMS models I've owned).

Second, it doesn't look Like a normal MMS camera which may fool some theif into getting their picture taken. I took advantage of this covering up the "wireless" letters on front case and also placed a sticker inside the case covering up the wireless lettering inside. Now you will have to enter the settings LCD before you know it's a cell camera.

I also seal the case with a small wire tie that you need wire cutters to access. That way incase some stole the camera it should keep taken pics all the way home with them maybe getting their picture.

The bad is you really need 2 bars IPhone signal in my area for the cam to send at a high percentage. My area has really seen a boost in 3/4G towers I get better service now with newer 3G cams than I do with my Older 2G cams. In fact most of my old 2G cams only get 2 bars cell and in the same spots my newer 3G cams with pick up 3-4 bars cell. I think this is because the two new towers install in my area don't have 2G added since it was scheduled to be phased out.

The Spartans are still number one in my book MMS camera wise. They have a much better APP, better cell reception in low cell areas, 1080 pics, great HCO service after sale and I like the camera construction a touch better.

The bushnells are a good camera I've been pleasantly surprised with them in a lot of ways. I like having both models in my gear bag and I use each one to its max strengths when placing them in the field.

I prefer the Spartans on feeders/food plots with the 1080 MMS pics, plus external CustomOne cable/SLA battery for long battery life, Better APP to manage large volumes of pics.

I prefer the bushnell for security type use /scrapes/rubs/trail setups. The battery life using lithium AA's typ 5-15 pics a day on these setups is really strong and should pass 3+months depending on cell strength at each spot. The trigger speed is so fast ATV/UTV/trucks can't get passed without a pic of them on our roads/trails on property. A big plus for property security. Night flash is a big plus also these cams produce really bright and clear night pictures.
MERRY CHRISTMAS and to those politically correct HAPPY HOLIDAYS

I just received a Spartan Cammo AT&T and a Bushnell Aggressor HD Wireless for XMAS. Do you have to set up everything on the Bushnell website to check out if you can get cell signal with GPS? I haven't done this and just wanted to check the cell and GPS but unfortunately the signal is poor. Like the Coverts as they work no problem in the poor signal areas so I'm sure the Spartan will work like a champ too.

I wanted to check out the cell signal and GPS of the Bushnell but didn't know if you had register it to the website for the modem to log into the tower for testing. I don't indent to send a test photo yet but I do like the fact you get 30 days free when you have a new camera and set it up.

I have to admit I also am not a fan of the stubby antenna and they should of done it like the 2G trophy Camera wireless that has the interchangeable antenna. It also stinks that you have to have all 12 batteries in for the camera to power on not like the Coverts and Spartans the power up at 4 batteries. From the looks I also don't like the fact that you can only have one cell or email.
We set the bushnell up with APP and my lease crew all get pics then on their APP.

I don't use cell MMS or email the App is just way better. Same for Spartans use the APP but you do have to pay for premium service there.

And yes bigger antenna is always better. :D :D
Understand but will the camera come without the accounted being set up give me a GPS coordinates and show cell strength?

My Coverts are deactivated since deer season is almost over but, I can place the SIM card in the camera turn it on and will show me the cell strength even it will not log into the web portal.

If I'm getting a "Modem Int Fail", is that because of cell signal strength being poor or because I didn't set up an account?
Never mind as I took the camera to where there was good cell signal and it worked. I brought it back to where I have 2 bars and the camera worked no problem. Weird how it didn't work the first time in 2 bar service but once logged in now it does.

Wished the external battery connection was universal but since it isn't I'll have to or a cable from Bushnell unless I can find it somewhere else. Now I'll have to read on where I find the GPS coordinates from when it logged in and with the 30 days free unlimited photo's I'll have to deploy it on the clover plot.
I have the aggressor outside in poor cell 2 bars sometimes less and checked it this evening 196 photos and I received everyone with Energizer MAX alkaline batteries and still going ( it was set on 10 sec trigger for testing now 1 m). Daytime photos are crisp and clear, night time very good and lighting is really good when you have it set to slow shutter speed. There are 3 shutter speeds slow, medium, and fast. Medium probably what you would need for deer movement and we will check it out.

Talked to Bushnell customer service which were very nice and helpful as the company only sells a solar with the two prong connector to the camera and a single prong to the solar panel. If you want a cable to connect an external battery there is a site I found that will sell the cable without the battery connector ends and I thought I saw everything. I'll need to check voltage in to make sure a 6v connection won't burn up the camera. Does anyone think the external connection should be like the other cameras?
Code1 and Frozen Tundra -

Have you noticed your Aggressor reset the programmed settings back to default after setup and switching the camera eirther off/on or slide from setup to run and back to setup depress o.k., the camera gets GPS, counts down and sends photo, comes back to normal with cell signal and tells you to place the camera in run. Receive the photo and see the default settings?

I'm having this happen unless there is a step I'm missing but the camera doesn't explain much.
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