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I'm new to this camera, all my other Coverts i put 12 AA's in them and i was set for the summer.So i guess i cant do that with this camera or i'll be changing batteries alot ? Can somebody help me with a battery supply. I see has a 6 volt battery kit, is that what i need ? Will that battery last all summer and will i have to buy a new one every year ?
Thanks for the help !!
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By LibbyLA
Here's some info on external battery setups. You can find other info here, as well. I can't answer the question about how many pictures or how long because that depends on things like signal strength, day vs. night photos, and other things." target="_blank

You should not need a new battery every year. You will probably want two so you can swap the depleted one out with a freshly charged one. They are not expensive.
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I have a Code Black 12 and was using the Energizer AA batteries, so I decided bigger is better :shocked: and set up an external battery. I had some 12v batteries handy, bought a wire with 12 - 6v converter, rechargeable AA batteries, ammo box at Dicks and made a lock system to chain it to a tree. So with that said, I took it to my camera and made the change. I made sure everything was charged. So after I get home, I check it and it shows 40% Battery Life (the AA Energizers showed 100% prior). So I let it go and it stayed there, worked ok but always showed 40%. So with colder temps coming, I got to thinking and made sure I had a charged battery (12v) there. Still showed 40%. So I let it go about a month and finally put the Energizer AA batteries back. I contacted Covert and we went back and forth and I still dont have an answer. So the Energizer AA batteries are in for now.
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