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I am going to buy a Spartan GoCam and need help selecting a solar panel to provide power to an external battery. I expect the GoCam to take about 500 pics per week(based on the # of pictures I am currently getting on a browning camera I have at the same location)

I am planning to buy a
-12v 18ah battery
-Covert 12v to 6v battery cable/converter

Now the question is what solar panel do I need? Can someone please share insight with a link to a recommended solar panel that will keep this setup powered year round.

Thank you
I would recommend sticking with a 6V battery. You can get one as large as 42 Ah. I've seen enough problems reported with that Covert converter cable that I would not trust it to protect a 6V camera.

Can't help with the solar panel, but Roscoe posted someone awhile back with a big solar panel that he uses. Hopefully he'll respond to your message because he is using a big battery and solar setup with at least one of his GoCams.
I only get one hour of sunlight a day on mine. Not sure how much it helps. I have the 6v feeder panel from wildgame feeders. It puts out a little over 7 volts in direct sunlight.
I'm using a 6v 7ah battery with a wildgame 6v panel. Estimate I get approx 4-5 hours of direct sun on the panel. My Spartan has been going for a little over a month in real time and the battery indicator on the camera has not moved and still reads 5.7v.

Im getting around 2 to 3 hundred. I am using a 6v 12ah batteries. I had mine out for 3 months with them still showing full charge with real time on. I pulled them because of a flood and I wanted to go with a waterproof box. I bought some plastic ammo boxes from Harbor Freight for 4.99 each. I found the same box made by plano at walmart for 4.88.
Thanks guys so I am going to try the following combination. I will let you know how it works. Hopefully this setup can hold a charge indefinitly taking approximatly 500 pictures per week.

-12v 18ah battery
-Covert 12v to 6v battery cable/converter
- Wildgame Innovations 12 volt solar panel
I think if you get good sunlight and the converter works properly you will never have to worry about it.
Here is the problem I have had with using a 12v to 6v converter, cheap ones burn out, good one use up amps and voltage, they shut down around 9v. By using native 6v you don't need the converter and skip the power wasting overhead from using the converter. The cam will shutdown the cell sending around 3 to 3 1/2 volts so you will get about the same battery drain out of a 12v to 6v converter ( converter shuts down around 9v) as you would from using native 6v. The only advantage I can see with using 12v to 6v converter is during the possess of Battery drain the cam will switch back and forth between internal battery and external battery using native 6v , where as using the 12v to 6v converter will allow the cam to switch to internal Battery all the way once the 12v to 6v converter shuts down. The disadvantage for the 12v to 6v converter is the power wasting overhead from using the converter.

None of this is a problem if using solar charging to keep the battery up, but the end cost is lower for operation if using native 6v. If you have access to cheaper 12v batteries then 12v may be the way to go.
Another good reason to use the 6 volt panel is the size. 6 volt is smaller and easier to conceal.
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