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By SimpBan
I wonder how many people are still buying 2G cams on ebay and other places not realizing the plug has been pulled?


2g works well in other countries. I'm currently the only one(that we know of) in Costa Rica using wireless cameras. I sometimes find old but brand new 2G Spartan cameras on Amazon in the $70 range. So far they work great. If anybody has ATT compatible models for sale, I am interested.
By SimpBan
That is difficult to say. There are approx 1,200 members of a Costa Rica based Facebook group using trail cameras. Its difficult pinpointing who actually has access to any of the three cell phone carriers.

Reconyx had to create software for the Panthera Costa Rica group to use on cell cameras. That makes it cost prohibitive for most. Even Panthera CR gave it up after a while as it did not work as well as Reconyx told it would.

I tried to buy a European Model Bushnell cell cam, but they don't return emails....ever.
I wanted to test a USA cell cam, but got bad vibes from them/facebook/here, etc.

We mainly use Spartans, but we have had some success with Bolyguard(3g). I really like the Boly 3g cameras' clarity and shutterspeed.

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