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Both cams quit sending pictures on the 14th both had low batteries, I replaced batteries in the one out in the field today swapped cards and see by the card it was still taking pictures but it is still not transmitting. I have checked over the one that was in the backyard tonight and it takes pictures but wont send the pics. What could have happened?
I am using premium and I have plenty of credits, these cams are almost two years old. And as we know they are hands down the best cell cams on the market.

I had them both over some corn trying to get some deer when the snows came and I was getting tons of pictures. I thought perhaps I exceeded a limit but that does not seem the case.

Fire away If anyone has any other ideas. I have them added as devices on my personal Verizon plan, I will have to check there to see if there is a problem there.
I just saw where a guy had low battery in his cameras and it cause the cam to have to try multiple times to send a picture and Verizon blacklisted his number. Email HCO tech support (I think they weekend support now) and see if they can help and I would also contact Verizon.
I was told by Verizon support that advance support can help me. The Verizon representative had me do a data reboot on both cams, again it only seems that they time out and do not reboot. He says he can see that they are still activated through Verizon and I am sure I have credits on the Go Wireless.

Just got off, he cant get the cams going, I need to speak with the Spartan team, I guess that will be Monday
I was busy most of the day but still no resolution. The cams will now send a test picture to my email, the Android app and My Spartan. The cams have been taking motion pictures but they will not transmit those? Really od, I set Jessie a text as he said he would be on call this evening also.
Well today I worked with Spartan's techs again, it seems the issue may be something going on with Verizon in my area. The techs are working on it but for now I will get status reports and can send manual pics to my Spartan, the app and my gmail. Neither camera will send motion activated pictures but does take them, makes sense. TT has all the luck. :shock:
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