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AT&T have an agreement with T-Mobile as I have a T-Mobile service but my cell phone works on AT&T at my sisters farm. How good is the signal since the camera has a very small antenna. Also check Native Outdoors has great prices too. I think that camera was $320.00.
Native Outdoors has the prices back to normal now. The Covert Black Ops AT&T along with HCO Spartan Sprint clear flash and blackout are sold out. Sprint must have a good deal going on.I was going to pull the trigger on buying one but since the camera is on it's first year and no antenna change especially in poor cell cover. My Coverts work great in AT&T 2 bar of service. Hopefully to have HCO AT&T blackout for XMAS to added to my list of cellular and cover my ground at the farm. I also think the camera is too big compare to the HCO Spartan and Black Ops.
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