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Hi So I upgraded to the hco gocam in part due to the recommendations from users here....and I've been very happy thus far.

I got the free month of premium running and setup the emailed photos to be the higher resolution. The emailed photos are very clear but is there a way to confirm they are they are the higher resolution? I use my phone to check these photos so maybe I should look at these on computer and check out the image properties?

In the gocam IOS app there is a option to request a higher resolution picture. So this will be a higher resolution then the already increased resolution of the sent images via premium?

I'm a little confused if the premium offers both increased resolutions sent preview images and this additional requested higher resolution option or if the premium service is this request option?

If the lettering on the info strip is large and pretty much covers the info strip, that's the regular resolution (640 x 480). If the letters are smaller and there's lots of extra room in the info, that's the larger (1280 x 960) thumbnail. You can also tell by zooming in on the photo. The lower res one will get blocky and fuzzy pretty quickly. The higher res one does.

Requesting a full resolution picture gets you the original size that's stored on the SD card. You will see HD (orange H and white D) in the upper left corner. The photos from our cameras are 2592 x 1944. Our cams are set to 5 MP, haven't looked at 3 and don't use 8.

Hope that helps. (I don't use the email option, I just get photos on the app.)
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