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Okay so I got brave yesterday afternoon and moved the setup from the testing telephone pole in my yard to the woods overlooking one of our feeders. Put in all new batteries. Settings are 8mp on the Bushnell and Medium setting on the traillync. Here's a pic of how it looks on the tree...


Didn't take long to get some action.

Haven't gotten any more images so not sure if he was just passing though or not. Traillync hasn't checked in since 4:10am this morning so not sure what's up with that either. It's supposed to check in every 4 hours. The problem with moving it to the woods is I just cant run down there and reset it when ever I want. It's on its own now. Hopefully it'll check in at some point and transmit some more images. Right now I have it set on immediate which means it should start transmitting as soon as a image is recorded to the SD card. I will also add that this is coon heaven down here and I fully expect for them to find it and play with it. We'll see how it fairs. I'm concerned about the ribbon cable being damaged. As you can see in the first pic I tried to use another strap around the tree to secure the cable better.

Could you have run the ribbon cable through some pvc?

That's my next plan but I didn't have any on me at the time. I thought about a small piece of PEX actually.
Is there any new info on this?
Any news on when the new 3G/4G model will be available?
Yea I am interested also. I would love to be able to make any trail camera I use and instant cell cam! 4G in this would be awesome!
I keep anxiously following this as well. I like that you can use it with proven cameras vs. just a all in one cam.There are a couple of YouTube videos and they may have released A camo covered one. If this was 4g with decent battery life, I would buy one immediately. The cable thing can be mostly solved by using some hose.
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