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Yesterday one of our people stopped receiving email photos. We made no changes. So, I went to email verification and put in the person's email address. An error came back stating this email address has been permanently blocked. We have had this email contact from the very beginning of set up and this email was previously verified.

I sent an email to support, but have not had a response yet.

I have also gone to the link to verify the email address and this is the code I get. " Error - email address permanently blocked."

Can anyone explain how to correct this? Thanks.
Here is what is happening....

when your email provider (whoever that may) be files a report against Spartan for spamming several times, then the only choice in the system is to mark that email as banned because Amazon will stop spartan from sending any email (which would be a major financial hit) if the spamming continues.

Unfortunately for you the burden is on you, not They have faithfully attempted and delivered emails up to a point of getting into trouble with your email provider.

So, rather than get into trouble, the software has a feature to "ban" or remove that email from any output. It is nothing personal but you need to see this from side of the fence. They "must" remain in good standing as a company that delivers a lot of email because Spam is highly frowned upon. Amazon can suspend's ability to send any emails so they must respond quickly.

You may not know why they were reported but they were.

My advise is create yourself a new gmail account and assign that rather than the old address.

I know this because I designed the ban feature (under contract) in the software but I do not ban/block anyone.

So, this is not an issue of "fault" but a necessity of being in the business of sending email and not being called a spammer. I would not take this personally. You could spend a lot of time with whoever provides your email as an alternative ....
I have used any of the new cellular cameras but when I used my old 2G I had a separate email account through Hotmail that I used only for that camera...
The person involved with this changed to gmail. I added her to email contacts and did the validate email address. She received the link, clicked on it and said it was verified, but she has yet to receive photos. I redid it, still no photos.
I'm sorry to ask a stupid question, but once you added the new email to contacts, you did go to the camera itself on the portal and check the new address... You don't mention that in your reply. You would not normally do anything about validating the email address unless there is a suspected problem with the email address, which there wouldn't be with a new one.
And you are absolutely, positively sure that the email address is spelled correctly? (I'm asking all these stupid questions because I'm a computer programmer and have made mistakes like this.)
After entering the email address and checking the plain text box you are clicking on the update button correct? Same thing after you check off the address on the email recipients list, hitting the update button again?
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