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By mikeinkaty
I turned auto download off couple of weeks ago then turned it back on a few days ago but nothing is being downloaded by the GoWireless App. I am getting the pics as messages to my iPhone though. I have done this before and it has always worked. I am at a loss??? I have turned it back off then back on and nothing.
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By mikeinkaty
Wifi is on. I'm here at home and have wifi.

Do I have to renew something at hcooutdoors?

I'll try reauthenicating.
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By mikeinkaty
Someone must have reset it from the server because about 10 minutes ago it started receiving pics again
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By mikeinkaty
They did a firmware update remotely which is good because I'm 500 miles away. Seems to have cured the problem but I lost my historical pics or at least the last 7 days worth. My old firmware date was 2015.

It's getting close to 2 years since I last replaced the internal batteries. Of course that's because I'm using an external 6v battery on a solar panel.

My latest gadget is a remote wireless LED floodlight. I can turn it on and off up to 150 yards away. Great for pesky coons and hogs. Flip the switch and BLAM! I did get 2 hogs on last trip up there.

BTW, what is a good non-cellular cam I can use here at the house? I've got my old Panda guarding the front of my house. Need another for the back. The LED's quit on my old Stealth.
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