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No, haven't seen that before except when the old firmware quit working.

A friend in okla visited the cam and cycled it off and on a few times and it started working. All is good now.
I have 5/03. Apparently 5/21 won't work on my cam. It's getting close to 2 years old.
Mike, check the picture numbers on the portal. Are there any missing sequentially from the time when the cam was MIA?
Yes, there are pictures missing on the server. I use ATT.

That cam is saying it has taken 12k pics. That's kind of amazing.
Roscoe, my status says 5/03. My cam is working so I aint going do a remote firmware update.

It appears to me and my buds that if for some reason a firmware update is not successful the cam will be locked up until the cam can be cycled off and on. I'm 500 miles from mine and my buds are 300 from theirs.
I have a 8 hr interval during midday where I have my cam not taking pics. Were it not for that I'd probably have 20k+ pictures too.

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:D :D :D I needed that.