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By rebbie
I am also curious to hear how it works.
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By code1
Set them out in woods today. Cell Setup was stupid easy all done by the Link App on my IPhone.

I set up for 10-25 feet picture because I was told these were really good cameras, but had a little weaker flash range for their only real draw back compared on other cell models out there right now.

The camera case is smaller (8 battery) than my Spartans/Covert/bushnell cell models and the case feels very solid overall.

I like the case design overall first impression wise other than one thing. Battery box door is on back of case so to change batteries it must be removed from tree.

The camera will send instant trigger pics and also batch pictures to save power at different inverals 2/4/6/8/10/12 hours apart your choice. Cool feature and would allow you to get max battery if you choose batch download.

I'm still not sure on MMS picture size it sends I would guess 640x480 from my test pictures.

I can say PIR seems pretty middle of road sensitive and very fast triggered also. No complaints there.

Price was the main reason I tried these cams. At under $250 each and free cell plan 100 pics a month or $5 for 250 pictures a month($15 unlimited pics) that's really unheard of in the market right now. I know that's not a lot of pics for free or $5 plan however I have a few cams that monitor property roads averaging just around 100-150 pics a month max. These would be good cams for that with cheap service and fast trigger.
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By code1
First run on batteries yielded mix results. I have both cameras set to instant MMS send first camera only made it 400 pictures with 8 lithium AA's but it had very low cell signal there. The other camera has three bars good service spot and still running strong.
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By code1
Both cameras are running perfect things I have noticed :

1. Shorter antenna doesn't get as strong as Signal as Covert/Spartan MMS models. Maybe about the same as my IPhone signal bar wise.

2. Camera needs lithium or external battery only 8 reg AA's last about 400 pic's

3.PIR is really good and trigger speed is FAST

4.Cameras hide easy shape/size/color wise ( I still custom camo mine)

5. Phone app works and is simple to use but not as perfected as Spartan/Covert apps. Just slower to use.

6. Construction is nice camera and parts feel quality.

Overall, I prefer the Spartan MMS cams and then Covert black ops. The EVO is the cheapest price wise and performance for price is good overall. Solid camera just Not as nice overall as the Spartan/Covert newest models.
By redneck1210
The batch download feature can be amazing if they implemented it right. I hope Covert adds this feature in future models. I really don't understand why all the manufacturers didn't do this form the start. From an engineering perspective is stupid easy to do. If done right, a cam doing one batch upload a day and totally killing it's GSM radio in between should yield massive battery savings. Hopefully this is the future for all of them. We buy like 1000 batteries a year!
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By LibbyLA
We run all our cell cams with internal rechargeables and external 6V 12 Ah or 42 Ah (just a couple). Have enough spares of AA and externals to deal with the cell cams. Obviously, if you're on public land or have to pack in your batteries, you don't have that option.
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