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By rebbie
I have noticed that on my iPad with the new update, I can no longer rotate to landscape mode, but I can rotate the photos to landscape mode.
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By LibbyLA
Use the portal but you don't have to use the app. The glitches are pretty minor. I'm told that the landscape issue has been fixed although there are a couple more things in the works so the updated apps aren't in the stores yet and it may be a few days.
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By johnnydeerhunter
Yes the most recent ones.

OK, those should be on the portal then. Just remember they will be deleted after 30 days so if there's some there you want to keep download it from the portal so you don't lose it.
By phalanx
Sorry for the delay in responding back, had to go out of the country for a few days. Same landscape issues on my android tablet as I originally had on my phone, when rotating the pic to landscape the app shuts down. As a result of this latest update, I lost all pics that I was saving via the app as they were long gone on the web. Some were on cams that are currently inactive and unless they are on the phone they are gone if I didn't already save them off the SD card, very disappointing.

I fully understand that these errors were unintended, will eventually be corrected and some may say these are minor issues but as an Electronics Engineer and someone that has also Val/Ver'd software for large military systems I do not understand how this app was released to the public with the issues it had. Seems to happen a lot nowadays. Was it not properly beta tested? Are we the beta testers? I guess the best way to prevent it in the future is to turn off the automatic updates.
Your pics should either still be in the phones galley or in the portal. Not ideal to not have them in the app but at least they should still be there somewhere.
By phalanx
If you have Verizon as your cell phone service make sure to check your cloud, I found all the pics I was missing had backed up to the cloud and I was able to recover them. :D
That's good to know, thanks :!:
By cb4ishoot
The Spartan Camera App on my Droid Turbo 2 not working correctly. When I reboot my phone, app will open to show picture gallery. But, when I tap on a single picture, app quits working- need to restart phone to get gallery back (then, when I tap on a single pic, problem repeats). I have removed and reinstalled app twice...with same results. This has been happening over the past week. All seems to be working correctly on the Premium page on my computer. Thank you!
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By LibbyLA
Which version of the Android app are you using? 1.8.7 is the latest.

Have you cleared the app's cache?

Settings > (Phone) Apps > Application manager > Spartan > Storage > CLEAR CACHE
I am using the turbo 2 as well. About a month or so ago I noticed the app acting strangly, also noticed text messages were delayed sometimes. I did some research and ended up clearing the phones cache. If you Google it it will explain how to do it, it's almost like starting the phone in safe mode. Took about 15-20 minutes to complete but it was like having a new phone after it was done. When you look it up it may be called the partition cache.
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By LibbyLA
Other than clearing the phone cache, I don't know what else to suggest.

Time to call tech support, 770-582-0004 9 AM - 6 PM M-F. There is bad weather in the area, the power went out at around 3:30 this afternoon, so the office may not be open on the normal schedule.

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