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By Carphunter
So, haven't posted here for a long time. My 2015 covert 3g's have just been plugging along all year without incident. (tempting fate now :) )

i have them on 36ah external batteries... and i haven't charged the batteries since December.

the cams send 8hr time lapse photos, and pir.

photo quality is ok. night time.... eh... enough to count horns, etc... but not cfb.

for all the issues i had with their cams before... these three seem to be doing ok. I almost want a fourth to set up as a security cam.

I don't think i'd want the newer types, though, where i have to talk to a server on their side to get my stuff. phone's sending directly to my email and phone sms are better.

anyway... just checking in.
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By Carphunter
actually, it's been a while... i think in 2015, some do direct sends, some do via server (less you're referring to att serve3rs in the middle).

i remember setting them up that one was an oddball compared to the other two

doesn't matter... they work :)
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By LibbyLA
AT&T servers. The cameras don't send directly to your phone. The photos pass through the cellular carrier's servers and through your email or phone carrier server.
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By 27jr
I would think Spartan for security since they use encryption. I'm assuming they encrypt from the camera to your account utill you enter the password
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By LibbyLA
"Security" and "encryption" really aren't related. I think he means "security" in the sense of a camera watching for unauthorized two-legged critters. Either Covert or Spartan will work for that.

For me, the app with all the control over the functions and for photo management is a HUGE improvement over text messaging. I'm spoiled.
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By Carphunter
well, jinxed myself. figured out one of my cams is behaving oddly. noticed it wasn't getting pics of everything. while setting it up today, noticed the settings all reset while i was messing with it... had to resety stuff again. not trusting it a bunch... next weekend i'll move a more reliable cam to its position.
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By Carphunter
more jinx.... none of these things are catching us baiting the bear stations.... so now wondering how much else we're missing.

i'm sort of wondering if the the 4 rechargeables i have in each that basically act as a backup for the big batteries, aren't part of the problem. thinking i'm gonna set up a full set of rechargeables and see if the behavior changes at all.

could be daily loss of signal, too, but i'd have no way to monitor that.
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By Carphunter
Mine's got nothing to do with blocked mail/messages. cams aren't taking pics/sending.

cams send occasionally. there are no other pics aside from when they cams send (ie... no pics from times they can't get a signal...or whatever the issue isl).

i've got some other tests i wanna do... but can't pull them now as they sometimes work, and are on my bear bait stations.

i've stuck another cam on two of the stations to see what the difference is in activity.

oh, and now add a runaway red 40 to boot.

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