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I'm really getting some good performance from my Snyper Commander. Just curious why no one is talking about them. We should be...

Welcome back. Haven't seen you around in a long time. Get the discussion started. Post some transmitted pictures. Talk about what you like most about the camera and what you'd like to see improved. It generally takes somebody who actually owns the camera to get the ball rolling.
Hey Meyerske, it's good to hear from you. Tell us anything you can about the Snyper Commander. Does it use a phone app?
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Here's a couple of pics...

I've had the cam for a little more than a month. I've been using 2015 Coverts with good success. Overall, I would call this comparable, but better night pics. It runs from an app and you can adjust settings on the fly. I can't comment on battery life yet, but they are still showing full (lithiums). A neat option is the ability to send higher def images (although this would reduce battery life). The AT&T plan is identical to my current Coverts ($25 for 3 mo of essentially unlimited pics). So far, I'm very happy with the performance.
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There's nothing on it that says General or Commander, but I showed it to a friend that tells me for sure it's the General. The guy at the show said it's the new model, but I didn't catch the name. The instructions in the box are for the Commander...which may explain why I'm having a little trouble getting it working...the print is extremely small...I'm having to take pictures of the pages with my phone, then zoom into the picture to read the instructions. :shock: I'm trying to get the app working right now...I may give up and just go for email...
If it's a clamshell design, it's the General. If it's two separate pieces, it's the Commander.

Best to start with email. I gave up on trying to get it set up with the app. A friend has tried the app a couple or three times and given up every time.
Mine is the General, it opens like a book. I got the app working and also have it emailing as a text.

Here's a daytime picture of me ducking under a cedar tree branch after putting it on a deer trail this evening. I'm looking forward to getting some pictures....hopefully there will be some activity.
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