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By wvbuckmaster
Ok so I activated my camera last Wednesday and put it out on Thursday. Worked great until Sunday morning and it stopped all communication. I am not getting pics or status reports nor can I change any settings. So I go to the camera today to check batteries. I replace the batteries with lithium. Contact spartan and they say it's a issue on att end. So I call att and work with them for 1 hour and still will not communicate. The att rep says she can see the signal strength and even tell me what tower I'm pinging off of. There is just no info being sent to me or to the portal. Yeah So I took the camera home and done the latest update 08/02 and camera still will not work. So I am at a loss here and my next move is to call spartan back on Monday. Does anyone have any idea of what my issue could be or anything I could try. Thanks
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By LibbyLA
Are you using Auto or premium service? Are you sending to the app, phone or email? Is the camera going online when you put it in setup mode? Whayt happens when you send a photo manually?
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By LibbyLA
Sending a manual photo is the best way to be sure the camera is working before you turn it on and leave it. If you get a server error, try again. If it gets stuck setting, just let it keep trying, as Roscoe said. It should eventually reconnect and be fine after that.
ok i took pic manually and it took about hour and a half to get it through but it finally came through. it is now sending pics normally and also it sent the status report i requested. just curious as to what happened that caused this problem??

thanks for yours guys i appreciate it! :D
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By LibbyLA
Absolutely no idea what happened. I'm running 11 AT&T cameras in a very small area and I think three of mine did that, and at different times. Once the camera and AT&T are back on speaking terms, everything should be okay.
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