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By treetop
Hi all, sorry for my few and far between post but I need some help. I left a Verizon Spartan GoCam camera a few hours from home with a buddy, he has it set up and I am getting quite a few pictures on my Android phone . I had my friend download the IPhone app to his Iphone 6 ,and we added a guest code for him, we both spoke/ worked with the folks at Spartan and while they were a great help he still cannot keep the pictures coming. He has tried deleting and reinstalling the app but it just will not send him pictures. Any help or suggestions are welcome.

Thank you
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By LibbyLA
Has he gotten any pictures to the app at all?

Can you describe exactly what y'all have done so far?

I've had someone as a guest on my account for months and he's not been having any troubles that I'm aware of.
Hey Dave, how's it going? On the app make sure he has download over wifi only turned off, also has he restarted his phone since downloading the app? Make sure he has the new version of the app, Spartan Camera management, not the Gowireless. Does his phone operating system need to be updated? One thing you can try is giving him admin access and see if that works for him since you know it's working for you. You can always have him change it but at least you'll know if it's a phone issue or something in the access on the portal.
By treetop
john, I am doing pretty well, just to many family things and my work is busy. Well from what I know he does have the latest app, not sure about if he has done his system updates to his phone. He signed in with the help of Charlene and at her suggestion I set a guest password. pictures loaded but then they seemed to stop, he even sent me a print screen of an error that he got

Its a good friend and I have no problem letting him use the admin password, should I give that a try. is there a difference in his set up with the admin password?

May be a dumb question but he does not need to pay to view my premium does it?

Thanks again
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By LibbyLA
Is he using the Android app, by any chance? If so there are some issues with it that need to be fixed.

Can you post the error? Is it an I/O error? If so, I have that problem, too, and it's been reported. I sometimes have to force my phone to download pics but going to Camera Management and authenticating again.

The account pays the charge for the camera, not anyone using the app.
By treetop
I believe he is using the Iphone app, almost certain. He sent me the screenshot but I may have deleted it as I do not see it funny my android app always works flawlessly
There will be no difference in his setup of the app. He just needs to change the access code. Like Liz said, he doesn't need to pay anything. As long as you have premium service you can give as many people as you want the app access.
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