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By KYHeadHunter02
I'm having problems with a Spartan that I've had for a couple years now. I set the pic limit to 0 and every time it goes back to the default which is 50 I suppose. I set it last night to 0 and I retrieved the settings today and it's showing 50 again. I didn't have charged aa internals(just used an external), so I put some new aa batteries in and it's still switching to 50?
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By johnnydeerhunter
Try defaulting the camera settings. Are you using the app? does anyone else have access to the admin settings if you are using the app?

I wonder if not running internal batteries for a while has allowed the cameras internal battery to die. Keeping internals in it for a while may charge it back up.
By KYHeadHunter02
I wasn't aware there was an actual internal battery aside from the aa batteries. I made all the changes on the web portal. I could not find the pic limit in the camera itself. I do have a buddy that has access, I wouldn't think he would be messing with it. I will try the default settings. Thanks l!
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