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By bowhtr1
I want to know where I can get one?
Buckmaster magazine had the info on a New Verizon GoCam with 4G/LTE connection.
Ultra fast image transmission, improved battery life and for the first time, video transmission.
I dont see it on there site but ebay has one that says it sends videos also. Dont know if it is the right one or not. ... SwAC5Zbipu
When they come out I want one.
That listing doesn't say 4G or claim to transmit videos. I don't know why it's listed as new 2017.

"As soon as a photo or video is taken, this HCO Spartan Verizon GoCam sends it directly to your smartphone...."

I'm sorry but that is misleading as all get out. Virtually anyone reading it without the knowledge that the model that sends video is not out yet, would think that camera sends video.
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