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By Carphunter
i've got covert's extender antenna on one of my cams... and i'm still having issues.

i know signal is weak (or waxes and wanes throughout the day), and the camera isn't sending pics (and i still have to confirm..but i think the cams are so dumb, if they can't send pics...they don't take pics. need to do a lot of testing ot confirm that...but i've now got non-cell cams near my cells, and they are picking up stuff the cells aren't)

anyhoo... i'm willing to see if i can find an antenna to get me more signal. without going nuts or homemade, etc... has anyone found another antenna we can pick up that is appreciably better than the covert model?
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By LibbyLA
You'll probably have to use a directional antenna.

I doubt the cameras "decide" whether to take pictures or not based on signal. I've had experience with Covert 2013, 2014, and 2015, and the Spartan SR1 cell and Spartan GoCam. In all cases, there were photos on the SD card that weren't transmitted, some cameras more than others. If the cameras were only taking pictures when there is signal, there wouldn't be those photos on the cards that didn't get transmitted.

I run non-cell cams near most of my cell cams and of course they get things that the cell cams don't. My cell cams are set to take 1 photo and transmit it, my non-cells are set to take three and I have different trigger intervals depending on the location. A non-cell cam set to take a three shot burst with long interval will take three pictures in 10 to 12 seconds then if I have 0 trigger interval, it can take another 3. The cell cam is going to take 1 picture every minute or two. It takes longer between photos if the camera struggles to send the picture.
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By Carphunter
if i wasn't in hunting season... i'd be playing to see what's going on. tough thing is.. have to do all my testing onsite because in town... no issues.

i have been checking the cards, though... and the cams aren't taking pics when things had to have happened... and when a big bear hits the bait and screws around for 30 minutes... the cam should trigger :) i'm poor at trying to correlate pics on cam to pics in text/email to confirm if some exist in one place but not the other.

i enjoy the pics i do get from these things... but really thinking once my data plans are done... i think i'm ready to be done with the cell cams. i can buy a whole lot of non cells for the same ching... and woe the loss of the sent pics.

i've got another thread about issues with these cams... i run 4 rechargeables in the cam, and a 36ah external battery. i've surmised maybe the darn things still need more rechargeables in the cam... but that doesn't make sense .

i've done factory resets on them as suggested by covert... to no avail. they aren't triggering correctly.
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By LibbyLA
Haven't run Coverts in awhile. I can tell pretty easily if my Spartans have missed sending any photos because there will be a gap in the numbers on the photos on the portal. I have a couple or three that are in very dicey signal locations.

We run our Spartans with 12 rechargeable internals and 12 Ah externals. The 12 internals allow for problems with cables (like defective, not plugged in properly on one end of the other, loose spade connector, etc.). We are at our camp every 2-4 weeks so the internals usually buy me enough time to fix the problem with the external the next time we go up.
Bear are tough for cameras to detect. With that thick fur they don't always give off the biggest heat signature to trigger the camera. On bait sites they also just tend to flop themselves down and eat and don't move around much so the cameras won't trigger.
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By Carphunter
i know they are tough... but the other non-cell cams set up on site are triggering just fine.

just need all the time in the world to check the permutations of what's going on :)
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