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By Bowjunky39
So I bought this at&t SPYPOINT link evo 4g. I cannot get any signal what so ever. I have up graded firmware and I have a at&t phone and phone shows 2-3 bars but camera has 0 bars. Any help will be greatly appreciated
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By Anthony
I have heard some negative stories but I can't really comment from experience. I know the Spypoint does monitor the forum and may reply here and give you some help. the negative I have heard is mostly about poor battery life but the camera did connect most of the time.

Are you in the USA or Canada ?

Could it be you sent a few pics and have used up the "free" tier? and now you are in a situation where you have no bandwidth unless you upgrade your plan? (just guessing)
By Bowjunky39
I have not taken any pics because it will not connect. I am just curious if there is an attachment to help me get a better signal.
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By chrishunts
I picked up a Spypoint Link EVO (AT&T) last Saturday. It synchronized and showed that I had 4 bars. I put it on a feeder in the back yard to make sure it performed as advertised before I deploy it in GA or TX. I left it out 24 hours. The camera took over 150 pics. It sent 18. I have packaged it back up and returned it as of 9 this morning. I ran across your post while researching what the site consensus is on cellular camera's. I'm leaning towards a Spartan.

WOW, just checked the date on the original post. I'm only a year off, lol!

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