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By HardCoreHunter
I can change the name under camera description. However, when I open the app and see the list of cameras the name that shows hasn’t changed. Under camera settings the header keeps the old name. Is there any way to completely change the name of the camera?
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By johnnydeerhunter
Directions for doing it on iPhone.
With the APP open go to the menu settings and choose "camera management" then at the bottom click "Authenticate".

Same thing for an android phone.

Another nice feature is if you are running the current app versions you can also hit the "EDIT" button on the top right of the homepage screen that shows all of your cameras and move the cameras to a specific order.
By HardCoreHunter
I wasn't reading the directions close enough. I have been clicking the three black dots, camera settings, Update. Didn't realize I then needed to back out, click the three white bars in the top left corner, camera management, authenticate. I thought that section was just to change access codes.

The bad thing, I've been emailing back and forth with customer service telling them exactly what my step have been and they didn't catch my mistake. I even gave them my password so they could dig into my account and they couldn't get the names to change. Not a problem, I have it now. Thanks for the help
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By johnnydeerhunter
If they logged into the portal to see what was happening it would have looked like you already changed the names successfully.
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