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By kellyguinn
Very new to this technology. Matter a fact I'm kinda researching it to see if it would be worth it to me.

I understand that a cell line is needed normally through ATT or another cellular company. But I am a little confused as to the other packages that are needed to run one of these. Is it necessary to purchase packages through the cell camera manufacture? Like for instance 1000 pics for 10 a month? Or is there a camera out there that will just send an email or whatnot. I am having problems getting past the extra packages.

I hunt 95% public land and the area is approx 3 hour drive from the house. I had my regular cheap camera out for 3 weeks and had over 6000 pics on it. I may not get that many everytime but I tend to get quite a few throughout the year. I would like to be able to leave one out year round and not have to make that trip every other weekend so I have been considering the cellular cams. Any help or info you be helpful. Thanks
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By johnnydeerhunter
Usually you either pay a cell carrier for your data or the camera manufacturer, generally not both. Sometimes there are some extra charges for upgraded features but they are minimal. What cell provider works best in the area that you want to use the camera? I know with the Spartan cameras you can add a Verizon cell camera to your existing cell phone plan for $5 a month plus taxes and normal Verizon fees and it pulls from you plan data. If you want ATT Spartan has a different plan for that. There's also a Bluegrass, US Cellular, Cellcom, Sprint and a few other carrier options if you are in an area that has those.
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By Anthony
In the old days it was the responsibility of the camera buyer to go find his own data plan. This created a lot of grief for the consumer and the original technology was primarily MMS (text messaging) and SMTP (direct email)

MMS required a text messaging plan
SMTP required a Data Plan.

The consumer would drive to his AT&T store (or whatever) and ask to buy a SIM card with some kind of plan. He could buy text messaging only or data only or data + text messaging.

Not only was this confusing for the buyer but there was no single point of customer service. if there is an issue... who do you blame? AT&T or the camera manufacturer... You see?

The more modern scenario is to purchase your plan from the camera manufacturer. Like with the Ridgetec cameras, all you do is buy your camera, then activate it for a free month on the portal. Its a single vendor. No running all over town pulling your hair out.

You do not have to go shopping for a carrier and a SIM card. every thing is included. you have a single vendor to make things easy. in the case with Ridgetec, in the portal you have activated your sim, you camera starts working then according to you you decide when, how long and how much data you need, all in one place.

Here is the link to the Ridgetec Data Plans:" target="_blank

With Ridgetec, you are purchasing a "data" plan. This is all you need. You can get emails sent to any number of recipients as well as instant notifications to the free mobile app on your smart phone. It is simple and easy to set up. Within 5 minutes of opening your camera box you can be up and running getting photos.

I am both re-seller (chasingame) and Distributor for the Ridgetec cellular cameras. If you have any questions, please let me know. There are alternatives to Spartan which work exceptionally well and better in many cases.
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By Camoman1964
Lets say I start off with the 5000pt plan and find out it's not going to be enough can I upgrade my plan to the 10k a month? I am very seriously planning on trying this. Wish I would have heard about this a month or so ago. Very interesting.
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By Anthony
Yes. In a given period (1 month or 3 months) if you run out, you buy a Points reserve which is like the reserve on your motor cylce gas tank. It is points that never expire and can be used at any time. what you do is click a button to configure your auto renewal options and select a plan. On the camera's birth day it will renew if you have Auto-Bill turned on. otherwise it will suspend. This could be that you are ready to shelf the camera for some months.

So, when you first activate, you get a free month on the Silver 5000 1 Month plan. At the end of the month you can have it renew on any other tier.

At any time if you no longer want to get billed, you uncheck "Auto-Bill". then at the end of the period (1 or 3 months). the SIM will suspend. You can start it back up again at any time. No penalty.
By kellyguinn
Sounds good. Could you explain the camera plan upload resolution point costs. I seen where I can change the upload mp between 4 mp and 12 mp but not really sure what the the table for the point cost is talking about as it has several settings listed as in (standard low, medium, high, high def,high res max) and then other columns for (Standard, Medium and High resolution). I know the higher MP's means higher resolution but where do they fall in the point cost chart I guess is what I am asking lol.
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By Anthony
In Photo Mode:

You can choose 4 upload resolutions. Resolution is the size in pixels (width and height). The higher the resolution the bigger the upload size of the file is.

Then we offer 3 image quality settings for the 4 resolutions (3x4=12). This means that the uploaded files get larger because they are higher and higher quality.

So instead of 4 resolutions and 4 different points values, you now have 12 because you can choose 3 quality settings for each resolution. Does that make sense?

All my uploads here on chasingame are "standard" quality which is the lowest quality.

Personally I see no reason to use the higher quality but we had some commercial security companies that wanted maximum upload quality and cost was no object. So, I understand and was able to give them what they wanted. I decided to make a medium quality in between lowest and highest and ended up with 3 options for Quality.

Higher quality means less grainy but also a larger file size which means it costs more points and battery.

In my opinion it was not needed but I want the customer to get what they need so I put that in for them. they were very happy with the change.

Let me know if this does not clear it up.
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By Anthony
By the way, at one time I had created a 4th Quality setting that is lower than Standard. It made the photos smaller and you could upload more for the same money. But in the end we were worried too many options would just confuse people.

I secretly want to sneak that setting back in.... :mrgreen:

Maybe what I should do, is add a check box under "My Account" called "Show Advanced Settings". then all kinds of cool extra options show up for people who aren't afraid of being overwhelmed. :D
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