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By 27jr
I asked Covert about upgrading from 3G to 4G. I was told for model years 2017 - camera plus $200 and 1016 -camera plus $240.
By picdic
I was told the same. when I heard that price, I decided to not bother. I don't even use mine as a cell-cam anymore anyway, my areas just don't suit it. plus, i'm not falling into that rabbit-hole. just buying a cell-cam is quite the investment. it would make more sense that they could update it automatically or something, that would be nice. probably not possible though. but having to give the cam back, plus another $250, not a chance. that's basically paying almost $700 for the new cam. never doing that.
By LWhitman
I love their trade in option, but I've never used it just to upgrade from one year to the next. That would get quite costly. I have used the trade in option 3 times now but in each instance it was because of a technical issue with the camera. Even when the cameras no longer work they still give you a trade in credit. Just this year I traded in an old 2012 model for the new LTE camera.
By picdic
well that's kinda cool. so, even if the cam doesn't work anymore? I definitely would then. although, the cell-cams just aren't suitable for my area. found out the hard way.
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