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By ymurf
I have never had trouble with my cam since new. I put it out a little over a month ago with IMEI # all 9's. When I added money to my account I went to the woods and turned cam on and off to reset it. It took a pic and sent it to me so I thought all was good. Have not got a pic in a week from it now. When I text #500# to get a pic from it I get nothing. I see on there web sight it says to use all 1's for IMEI #. It was always 9 before. Did this change? Anyone else running the 2014 code black?
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By 27jr
I haven’t had problems with either of my 2015,2016&2017 Covert Black OPS. I have updated the 2016&2017 for two knew 4G. The beauty of it is I get to keep the 3G cameras until they don’t work on AT&T not bad since they should last till 2021.
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