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By snakelk
DoubleDropTine wrote: Wed Sep 25, 2019 9:31 am Does anyone know if there is a better camera between the two Verizon and nationwide? I have one nationwide and want another but sporting goods store offering discount only has Verizon left.
Those cameras should be identical except for which cell towers they use. For me, being in Oregon, Verizon is the clear leader in coverage, so I have Verizon cameras. In many remote areas over here there will be zero or weak cell service with non-Verizon carriers, yet Verizon will work. I know it's different depending on location. Just pick the camera based on where you plan to place it (best cell coverage).

You probably already realize this, but it doesn't matter what carrier you use for your cell phone. That has no bearing on which one of these cams to choose, as the plan is totally separate from a personal cell phone plan.
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By DoubleDropTine
Thank you. Now if I could only get a hold of customer service so I could buy a monthly package. I’ve been calling for several days and never get through their customer service is awful.
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By meyerske
For Spypoint CS, use Facebook messenger and they will respond fairly quickly. If you request it, they will even push cam firmware updates to your cams so you don't have to download the file on a card and install it locally. I did this on two of my cams and it worked great. I have two Link Micros and they have been in the field for several months working great. I have an external battery on one and just using lithiums in the other. I've got about 2000 pics on the lithiums so far, still working. Most of those pics have been at night.
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