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By SwissHunter
April Lee wrote: Sat Aug 17, 2019 9:02 am BC-02 has it's own battery box. Resellers may sell it with batteries, or without batteries.
The BC-02 can charges only the batteries in its own battery box, not the batteries inside the camera.

Yes, BG668 supports both internal batteries and external batteries at the same time. But with the first release of BG668, the internal batteries cannot be charged by hooking a PV panel alone. The second revision will allow internal batteries (18650 only) can be charged by Solar Panel or DC input.

You can search "18650 battery" on Amazon or Ebay, there are tons of them. It's getting very popular now,
because Tesla and many other electric cars are using it.

Hope this is clear.
I have looked at the Boly Canadian store and there is the BC 02 with the 18650 batteries, do you know what is the true amount of mAh of those 18650 batteries?

From what I have understand my camera should be defective. I rewrite what I have already write but I try to be more clear, hope you can understand.
Camera BG668 with new AA lithium batteries connected to
BC 02 with 18650 batteries fully charged (average mAh for each cell 1400, total 1400 x 4 = 5600 mAh)

The BC 02 is near the camera it doesn't receive full sun because it's under beech tree but the sun penetrates under the leaves and reach the solar panel.
The camera was on photo mode send mode instant, sms control ON, gps OFF and it lasted for only three days and took 15 pictures (5 pics sent to email GPRS), since I have not received any photos after a couple of days I have decided to go to check the camera and see what happened. I found that the 18650 batteries were dead and also the lithium batteries inside the camera were dead. You know what can have happened?

After that I tried using the 18650 batteries inside the camera but there was a problem, the camera won't take any pictures or video went I switch it on ON mode, but it only could take picture wenn it was on SETUP mode and also send the pictures to my email.
I tried to remove and reconnect the batteries, deafault the camera settings, format sd card but nothing.

So I decided to put new lithium batteries inside the camera and other 18650 batteries (fresh charged) inside the BC 02.
The exact same thing happened, after three days no more pictures, I checked the camera and the 18650 batteries were dead and the lithium inside the camera were not dead but 1.4V instead of 1.5V. The camera red led that indicate when the batteries are dead was blinking.

Then I removed the camera and bring it home to do more testing. I retried the exact same 18650 batteries inside the camera and it was working correctly, didn't know what happened.

Hope to have been more clear, you think my camera is defective?
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By April Lee
Typical 18650 battery has a capacity >2400maH. If you buy a good one from Samsung or Panasonic, you may get 3200mAh or 4000mAh.

We have no other customer complained battery issue. Since BG668 can hold 5x 18650 which (assume you buy a cheap 2400mAh battery) are equivalent to 30x AA Alkaline batteries, you typiaclly never worry about batteries between your camera visits.
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By SwissHunter
Could you send me a PM with one of this batteries?
I have already bought Panasonic 18650 but sadly they won’t fit inside the camera or the BC 02.

It seems that my problem is when there is no more power from the external source the camera won’t use his internal batteries but it simply stop working. Now I’m testing the camera using rechargeable batteries to see what happen when there is no more external power.
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By WoodsWatcher
April Lee wrote: Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:11 am I know that Boly SG562-D can take color photos and videos at night.
I do have a Boly..just posted some vids with it. Night videos are either good or with color changing throughout the clips. Most are of the latter. Did emal you guys twice but never got a response, which surprised me since you've always been quick to respond otherwise. One such response was with a firmware update which was more for the pictures I think.
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By WoodsWatcher
Then why didn't they tell me that via email....
That doesn't make sense anyway. If I have a problem with another brand- like I just did recently with Cuddeback- I contact Cuddeback. Was still under warranty so sent them the cam and I had it back w/in a few days. Purchased it thru Cabelas btw, which is where I got this Boly from. Guess I'll try contacting them...
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