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By Anthony
HardCoreHunter wrote: Thu Jan 09, 2020 7:56 am I'm trying to find a good stock replacement antenna. I can get one straight from SpyPoint but the cost is high after shipping. I tried this one with no luck. ... 2749.l2649
Does anyone know of one from ebay or amazon that would work?
What specifically did not work? It won't physically screw in? No reception? Are you 3G? 4G? AT&T? Verizon ?

In general forr 4G LTE you need to focus on 700 - 2100 mhz.

Why don't you try our booster antenna: ... 3g-and-4g/

You can send it back if it does not work for a refund. I would be curious if it does. If you are buying a new antenna you might as well go with high gain. This antenna can be mounted 15 feet high. both heigh and gain help. The antenna covers all 3G and 4G frequencies. It has a 90 degree SMA connector.

Note: The antenna iwll have female threads with a protruding center post. THe camera will need male threads and a center "hole". I know there is better terminology but I think this is clear.
The Link Micro has a RP-SMA (antenna with a hole)connection. The antenna I purchased attaches to the camera perfectly, just doesn't get reception, and in the description says its 700-2700Mhz. The camera is supposedly 4G AT&T. I don't want to mess with all the cable of a high gain antenna. A regular antenna like what came with it is fine with me. From what little I know and read, the specs on the antenna I ordered, I thought would work.
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By badjedi
This is the Antenna I used to replace the one that was on my Link-Dark after a bear chewed it up, it works great. ... UTF8&psc=1
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