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By Mike8623
I have a ridgetec outlook. I have a lot of 16g wire. If I want to make a very long 12v power adapter can I just buy one of the factory (ridgetec) power adapters cut it in half and splice one end to my 16g cable and then splice the other end to the wire and come up with a very long full time power source for my camera?
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By reaperman
That’s what I do. Anthony also sells a cable casing laced with some kind of anti chewing agent that’s suppose to work well.
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By Anthony
We are not going to sell the 9v adapters any more. Our replacement will be a 12v ip68 (waterproof) power supply with USA 3 prong plug and a 6 ft dc output with the SAE two pin connector. You can leave this thing in the weather and run a drop cord to it.

Its output can go directly into the camera, or it can plug into the solar Input on the Solar kit battery box to provide an AC powered battery backup for your camera. Kind of like a UPS for your computer.

When the AC is off, your camera continues to run off SLA 7+ amp hour DC power. when the AC is on it continuously float charges the battery and the camera always runs off clean DC power without all the power flickers and surges..

I plan to offer the AC adapter and battery box as separate items all with compatible plugs.

Our new camera cable is 13 feet it has one end as SAE and the other is a 90 degree barrel comptible with the camera. We also have 13 foot extensions all using SAE two pin connectors on both ends.

In a few weeks we should have our stock of the new water proof 12v 1 amp power supplies.

Hopefully this will help people who aren't interested in DIY to get a set up going quickly.

The Ridgetec cabling is a system that reduces the need for DIY.
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By Anthony
Instead I would use our cables and devices as is. Don'y ruin a good cable. Then... Make your own extension. At tractor supply you can get a double ended SAE pigtail. Cut this in half. splice in 50 feet of y our own cable. I like the Outdoor Lighting underground wiring cable that comes in spools of 75 ft or so at Home Depot.

THen you have a system of quick disconnects with less worries that you are making a mistake.

Of course an extension cable must be wired correctly...
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By Anthony
my wiring diagram... pardon the poor artistry...
sae-pigtail.jpg (16.69 KiB) Viewed 10175 times
wiring-example-SAE.jpg (169.28 KiB) Viewed 10175 times
By Mike8623
Thank you so much for your help. I replaced my main camera 2 days a go, a buckeye orion, with a ridgetec. That camera hangs at my gate and is very important to me both as a game camera and a security camera. I am overall very happy with the ridgetec. I plan on buying 3 more as I am able, which I hope to be just after winter.

Thanks again for your help.
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By Anthony
Trailcampro is going to have a sales this week and the next for "Labor day". Supplies have ran low due to overwhelming sales recently but a new large shipment arrive within a few days so hopefully dealers can get restocked for the sales.

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