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I was told this model at first wasn't going to have a black flash but after the release of the X, now it will release will be early fall
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By reaperman
Geez, that looks military.
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By Gforce
Anthony wrote: Mon Jun 21, 2021 12:45 pm To me it looks like a spypoint with a worthless solar panel on top. That panel is totally a gimmick.
I agree, and the cam with panel would have to be placed out in the sun and faced south so it would charge. Also everybody knows you don't place a cam facing the sun.
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By trailcam_tuesday
I'm just very surprised that Tactacam has been able to launch and introduce so many new trail cameras over the past -9-10 months? Most other companies have announced cams but production is backed up with factory stuff.
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they released the Gen 1 last year with very much success, this year they released the X....the SK is basically the X with black flash and solar panel ....two slight modifications
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