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Bought both cams last year in November and both have quit taking pics/videos while testing in the backyard and neither would power back on. One quit last year shortly after receiving and the other quit about a month ago. Just sent the second one back and got a replacement on 07/31 and when I checked it awhile ago it had been in runaway mode the past 3-4 days. I had it in 3 burst pic mode, High sensitivity since our past two months have been in the 90's. It drained new Energizer alkaline's down to 33% and a 12v external battery down to 9.3V's in four days. All AA batteries checked out at 1.61V going into the cam but I haven't checked them yet and feel no need to with the cam taking over 4,000 pics. I have it in a dark closet as of now and if that doesn't solve the problem I'll try changing the sensitivity to Medium but I'm not very optimistic.
Are these made by Exodus?

You are doing the correct thing. Arm it and place in a closet facing the wall. this is what I do for a 24 hour period. If no triggers then its not a run away but could just be ultra sensitive.

On the cameras that quit.... try using a new SD card formatted. will the cameras turn on into SET up mode? also, remove the batteries for a minute then put them back in. Make sure the batteries aren't dead.
Yeah they are the Exodus Cams. Both that quit working where in the backyard which is a subdivision that has quite a few deer so I was testing and scouting. They both stopped and would never power up no matter what I tried. I checked the cam I placed in a closet last night and it worked just fine so I dropped the sensitivity down to Medium and have placed it back on a tree.
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