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We had an early storm hit this year, I was fortunate enough to have a USA Recruit out there.

I got a few small bucks sparring.



For being nearly 1 AM, I was surprised at how well the flash exposed the background. Most of my other cameras will just be a blacked out solid.


One interesting thing was the White balance selection the camera made when you had an evening shot, under cloud covered skies, it gave a blue hue to the images.



I love the timing on this camera. I seem to get more animals in the frame than I do with many other cameras.
I get a lot of heads juts entering the frame on other cameras.
By grandpaschild
Great shots. The bucks look heavy and must be eating well. I'll bet there is some water nearby and the deer follow this path to drink. Again, great pics.

"Where is it snowing like that already?"

That would be Utah. We got 14 inches of wet, heavy snow out of one storm in September.
Winter is definitely coming.




grandpas child, there is lots of water in the area, a couple creeks, several ponds, large and small.

Sorry about the non USA cam pics on this page, It was more just to show the snow to reaperman.
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By reaperman
Thanks Ram, just curious. I'm a Minnesota boy so I know what snow looks like but not this time of year. I think I remember you posting some great pictures of elk earlier. Did you ever put your bushnell in video mode? I have to say, I like the photo of the deer from your Browning camera you posted. I bought a Browning (dark ops) this fall and had to return it because the night photos and videos were not good, its replacement wasn't any better. My bushnells pictures are too grainy for my liking. But they do the job for scouting. And did you get your elk this year?
Yes, I posted a bunch of elk pictures earlier this fall.

Did I ever try my bushnell cameras in video mode?

Well, Kind of.

Not the way you would think. I used one as a P.O.V. cam while checking cards in the storm.
I dont do much video. I prefer still photos.

Elk hunt is not until November. My current focus is on BigHorn sheep. I will be setting cameras for BigHorn now, and Mountain Goat later.

Again, sorry about this all being in the USA forum.
The USA recruit is my newest camera, and I really like it.
My biggest complaint with the cameras I own has been poor photo quality.

I have a background in wildlife photography, so my evaluation of trail cameras is a bit different.

Its interesting to see how each camera performs differently under given conditions.

In my limited experience, the USA recruit does a very good job with day time images.
The only incorrect setting it made was the white balance selection on those blue images.
But thats a tough call for software to make. Most high end DSLR camera software makes similar mistakes under those conditions, when set to auto.

I have only run the recruit on one set of settings to date. I look forward to evaluating its performance on BigHorn sheep.
My biggest complaint with the cameras I have set on Sheep is that the upscaling has made it impossible to properly age sheep.
I am hoping that the USA recruit can fix that.
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