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My sister ordered me the cellular patriot from USA Trail cams as a xmas present. She placed the order on December 14th in hopes to have the camera before xmas. They ensured she would have it by xmas and that the tracking showed that. She asked for the tracking number but was ignored. The camera showed up the week after xmas and they blamed it on USPS, not a huge issue as I know things happen. But what did rub me wrong was their customer service. I posted on their Facebook page displaying my dissapointment. My comment was deleted, I was blocked from posting to their page and they somehow knew my sister placed the order so they sent her a nasty email. I followed up their email to her and they said they couldn't talk to me about the order because I hadn't placed it, they also said my comments were deleted on Facebook because "We have no order under your name sir. So it appears as spam to us and that is our policy when we have "pretend customers" or those who portray themselves as such on any of our social media accounts. ". They then said they hope I have a merry xmas and they will respond no further because their employees would like to enjoy the holidays.

As for the camera, I really like the day time pics, the night time are rather grainy but that is to be expected. My biggest gripe is that the camera does not seem to have a sensitivity adjustment and is very trigger happy, used 500 texts in 3 days on blowing grass! Also I can't seem to find any info on if you can send commands to the camera via text to turn it on / off or snap a photo.
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