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By Roscoe
Several months ago I made a comment on here on what an "epic flop" USA's inaugural season in the trail camera business was and then 5 or 6 weeks ago I made a comment on trusting the pictures (quality wise) that "USA, or any manufacturer for that matter, post on their social media sites." That was in response to a user here commenting on how great the photos were that USA was posting. The owner of USA, David B., took exception to those statements and contacted me via email. We exchanged several emails. It was a pleasant back and forth actually. He wanted to send me a camera so I could see the picture quality for myself. Not as a review, just as an end user's experience. I said fine by me, I'll return the camera when I'm done. He said no need to return it. I told him ok and sent him my address. This all took place on a Friday.

Two weeks later a Saturday morning rolls around and I realize I have not received a camera from David. So I email him something to the effect of "hey, if you sent me a camera I have not gotten it yet." His reply was that he had been out of state for the last two weeks since our emails and he had not sent the camera. He told me he would be heading home on Monday and would do it then. My thoughts on this to myself were this: A) seems like you would have told me this two weeks ago. And B) Do you not have anyone working for your company that you could give my address to and say, "Mail this guy a camera."

So, here I sit ANOTHER 2 weeks later on a Saturday. Still with no USA trail camera in hand. 4 weeks would seem like an adequate amount of time to get a camera to me. Remember, I didn't ask for it, David offered it up. I can only guess the reason is one or more of the following:

A) David was just yanking my chain and never had any intention of sending me a camera.

B) He is not only horrible at following through on what he says he'll do, but sucks at communication as well.

C) He has not had the opportunity to pick the perfect camera to send.

In any event. I'm just a dude on a trail camera forum. Nothing more nothing less. He doesn't owe me anything. People get busy. But, what I'm left thinking is in USA Trail Cameras we are dealing with a company that seems to have an awful hard time following through on things. Not just on my thing in the last 4 weeks but on most everything since they have been in business. The track record is there.

It'd be nice for them to fulfill all their hype and become a significant player in the trail camera market, but at this point it's pretty hard to see that happening. I know there are a couple of you that have their cameras. I hope they are working well for you, but USA is not getting any of my trail camera $'s.
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By Mjn1979
I've been following their Facebook page and have noticed that anything negative about there cams ends up getting deleted. The user reviews also show a highly stacked deck of 5 star reviews save for 1 1 star review. Hard for me to believe there is no in between. Please let us know if your usa cam makes it to your door and share some pics. :mrgreen:
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By Jake
172 views on this post so far. People are for sure watching for drama.

My this is they have 50k+ fans on facebook but yet 95+% of the pics are from Pat or other people who are still hanging in there for some reason. Not actual paying users really.

The guy operates the company out of his apartment. Pat Howard just runs a few cams and posts pictures online. David does a preorder and if he gets enough suckers he then cuts a check to Then he goes on to babble and convince the few followers he has that he actually has something to do with these cameras.

The guy sure know hows to talk the talk and wish other people that he has screwed over would speak up instead of reading.

Hi guys :mrgreen:
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By JB22
Thanks for the info Roscoe and Jake. Pretty good chance that you'll never see a camera Ross. Red flags were flying when this so called company first popped up and they were never going to see any money from me. What's up with that guy changing his name all the time? What a crook and Pat(photo editor) is drinking the kool-aid.
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By Gforce
Yep we remember the red flags, and as stated at the time they seemed like re-branded Cams run from a backyard business with little support. :cry:

I have little problem with that since many Cams are simply re-branded, but I suspect these cams will never live up to the hype.

This is a hard bunch to roll past if your product and service can't cut the mustard! :mrgreen:

Lets face it, if you receive a Red Light here you are probably done for as a startup in this industry.
By Konk
Roscoe that was me that posted about the quality of the pictures. What was being posted on the other site were very high quality pictures. However, the design of the camera leaves one to wonder. You have to program the camera with a remote that gets stored in the bottom of the camera. Seems like a lot of covers that can draw moisture. I wish them well, but they won't get any of my camera $$ either. :mrgreen:
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By Roscoe
Well the owner of USA cameras didn't appreciate this thread, but it did precipitate them getting a camera in the mail to me. I've had it a couple days. I was so irritated with the whole process I had planned to put "return to sender" on the box and send it back, but I've cooled off and think I'll open it see about getting some pictures for you guys. I'll post them up once my back yard deer cooperate.
By Konk
Roscoe can you do a review on the camera functions. I'm wondering about the remote that is required to operate/program the camera.
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By Roscoe
Yes, the remote is required to change any camera settings. I had a Uway that required a remote. I hated that. The fact that the USA remote stores in the camera is a big plus. It's not something you have to keep up with. If the remote battery life is a couple years, it'll be ok. If I walk out to use it 8 or 9 months from now and it's dead that would suck. But as long as you are not changing settings, clock etc, you don't need it. Turn camera on and go.

View from the bottom of the camera. There's a nice spot where it clips in out of the way:

By wvhoyt
My camera has been working good but the night time pics and video is no where near as good as they show. The directions were not good but I was finally able to talk with someone and get my questions answered. Battery life is good so far. The company recommended using Dollar general orange AA batteries, which are 5 bucks for 20. The temperature has always been way off. I got the camera for $180 and free shipping.
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