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By WisconsinBBO
That's the one that's in my favorite spot. I posted a picture of it in the other section for posting pictures.

Here is the link to that picture.

I've got different cameras for all different situations. Some I like the white flash on, some are cell, some are wide screen, and some take crisp, clear photos. So I don't really have a favorite camera, but I have favorite spots.
By WisconsinBBO
Yes. As I'm sure you know. I'm running a handful of USA cameras.

I don't have a title with USA Cams, and I'm not paid by them. Like many other users of other manufacturer's cameras, I provide constructive feedback directly to the company. That's about the extent of it.

I'm sure some here would love to glorify my relationship with USA Cams as much more than that, but it's not.
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By Roscoe
Then just put something in your signature to reflect that and be done with it. If your a product tester for them, put that. Most people "affiliated" with trail camera companies are not paid employees. Most staffers are not paid. They get free or discounted products for their time, feedback, and endorsement. I know your not just average joe user off the street paying full price for cameras that just happened to show up here at Chasingame. So, just take care of the signature thing and be done with it.
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