Bolymedia (Bolyguard/Scoutguard) Camera Discussion
By Bill sansing
My sg550m has started skipping pics most one the time just one, but up to 4 or 5 at a time. Put new sim card, still the same. New location still the same.
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By reaperman
The 550 is a pretty old camera. That's the one with a remote that plugs into the unit to program it right?
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By Anthony
Assuming your location is the same and the towers haven't moved then there are two things which impaact through put:

1. Signal Strength
2. Battery Level

If either are low it can cause a marginal connection to get worse. If both are low then its even worse. There is two things you can do. top off the battery or run external SLA and/or move to a better location with stronger signal.

A high gain antenna run up a pole could make a difference but I do not have a lot of experience using them. Maybe someone can chime in on that topic.
By Bill sansing
New batteries
Good signal strength
New batteries
Good signal strength

Moved locations hundreds of miles apart
Forgot to mention it's on Tmobile
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By Anthony
If it has worked well but now its not, then it might possibly be an SD card issue. the camera would wake up, snap a photo, save to SD card, then create a small version to send via SMTP or MMs. If the camera is having trouble saving the files to SD card it could explain this.

Solution Swap SD cards with a known good one recently formatted. then check old SD card for corruption or corrupt files or missing files that correspond to the missed deliveries.

You may want to bring it home for some diagnostics at a known good signal location. worst case scenario its a t-mobile issue.

You can get a phone and put your t-mobile sim in it. then try to send text messages or maybe browse the internet (I don't know if your plan is Text Messaging or DATA)
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