Bolymedia (Bolyguard/Scoutguard) Camera Discussion
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By April Lee
Let me give you an example on how to solve the Trigger Speed issue differently.

Let's look at Black IR cameras. Most Black IR cameras on the market can light up to 70ft with 50 degree regular FOV,
while Boly Wide Angle cameras detect 100ft with 70 degree detection angle (FOV is 100 degree).

So when the Animal is at 100ft or +-35 degree, Boly's cameras would wake up and then take a picture in about 1 second.

Now, from 100ft to 70ft there are 30ft (10 meters) difference. Even assume the animal has a speed of world' 100M champion, it takes her 1 second to run from 100ft to 70ft. That means, in most cases, Boly's cameras would have finished picture taking even before other cameras wake up!

This is just one example. Other solutions are being worked on to dramatically improve Trigger Speed.
On top of Trigger Speed, there are other issues that require attention as well. So next year, a lot of things have been upgraded.
By Seba
Upgraded with new model cameras or new firmware for this camera?
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By reaperman
Seba wrote: Fri Nov 12, 2021 12:12 am Upgraded with new model cameras or new firmware for this camera?
Send your unit in under warranty since it doesn’t achieve the advertised trigger speed.
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