Bolymedia (Bolyguard/Scoutguard) Camera Discussion
By Seba
Have someone tested the new camera?
I cant found any reviews about it.

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By reaperman
We're always looking for a guinea pig. Pick one up and let us know your thoughts.
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By April Lee
BG710-M is being released to strategic customers for testing only now. It should be shipping in Volume to early adopters from October and all others who need it from December.

It is basically a Lithium-ion battery upgrade of the BG584 into the housing of BG310-M. The maximum pic resolution is 24MP. A major upgrade over BG584 is the Motion Sharp feature that is now available in a model withou the Xenon flash. LIke BG310-M, BG710-M can be directly charged by a Solar Panel like SP-02, because the camera uses 18650 lithium battery inside.

On the communication side, BG710-M for North America uses a unified module, such that the same camera can work with any carrier network (Verizon, ATT, T-mobile). This gives users freedom. Now because of this feature, it takes a little longer testing in the US because too many networks are involved.

There will also be other upgraded models coming.

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