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Well the big snow event was a flop but the camera worked nicely. I used Scouting Assistant to process my frames int oa 4 frames per second time lapse video. Yesterday I put the camera out in 2 minute time lapse over night. Just pulled it when sun came out. there is a light dusting of snow.

I wish I would've had a camera at home to set Monday night and Tuesday morning since we got 5" of snow.... :o :o

For the past few days south Arkansas has been a winter wonderland and frozen tundra... :( :(
Ol Arky, Its called Global Warming

Yep record low Tuesday of 5 degrees.... Wednesday wasn't a record but cold enough at 9 degrees.... Thursdays low was 11 degrees and today we had a heat wave with a low of 23 degrees... It finally got above freezing yesterday afternoon.... 34 degrees...

Global warming in it's fines hour....

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