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By troutkiller
I've started a new coyote killing program with road kill deer that my local game warden is more than happy for me to get.

See the daytime video I got of a real healthy yote here :

This is a great way to eliminate coyotes when you get the notification from your Ridgetec that the coyote is in front of your camera.

Good luck this season.
How far is the bait pile from your house? I'd imagine you have to sneak out with a rifle? And do you have problems with birds setting your camera off? Around here, a pile like that would attract eagles, turkey vultures and crows.
Bait pile is 150 yds from my home and yes you will have birds, coons, possums on the camera but thats just part of the

I just like having my camera be the 24 hour monitor that lets me know when the yotes show up so I can shoot them if I'm there.

If I'm not home I can at least see when I need to be there to kill these nasty bastards as they seem to get into a pattern and timing of when they show up.

Good Luck.
Good luck, keep me informed on how many your able to eliminate. I finally got some snares setup a couple days ago but need to put out a lot more. Up until now there hasn't been any snow to see travel routes. I had a couple leg hold traps set out earlier and had a pull-out the first night. That educated one lucky yote and wrecked my go to spot. Then the ground froze earlier than normal which makes setting leg hold traps a pain. I don't like messing with waxed dirt and glycerin so I switch to snares.
Anything new on the coyote war front?
Yes Sir.......

Killed 4 since I put out that bait.

I'm not always here but Still get the real time video feeds from my Ridgetec Lookout and they start a pattern on times they come in.

So it's been a great tool for chasing these call shy coyotes.

I'll keep this running for a while.
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Nice job, keep it up. I'd assume many coyotes come thru during the night hours?
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By dbaxter
Coyotes are such beautiful animals.... especially when they are dead! :twisted:
Another nice PA buck

Should be another good one.

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