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By Mike8623
If I hook up a solar panel that charges up batteries that are in the solar panel itself to my ridgetec camera can I take the batteries out of the camera?

If so what other changes must I do and can I do those remotely or must I do them at the camera?

One last question, if you hook the solar panel up to your camera what will the battery strength show....will it show the strength of the solar Li batteries...will it show 0, low or ?
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By Anthony
Yes, you can remove the batteries from the inside. On the camera settings page you should identify both internal and external battery type in order to get an accurate battery reading.

For internal select Not Installed.

For external select the type of battery that is inside the solar panel...

If it is Lithium Ion you will find this is not a selection. We determined that Li-ion was not a good option for cold weather and did not support that battery type in the list.

So, if it is Li-ion in the solar panel, instead I would select External as Sealed Lead Acid.
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By Anthony
Make sure the panel is fully charged before deployment. Assuming the camera is already in the portal, set the battery types as I have described.

Switch to SET if the camera remains on and find the network then switch to ON and it will then download the battery settings from the portal at boot.

The goal is to select a battery type closest to your actual battery type. This may not be perfect but its the best we can do if it is a Li0ion battery.
By Mike8623
I bought two of these solar panels from herd360. It looks like they use Li bstteries
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By Anthony
One more thought, if it appears that the battery drains too quickly (ie camera thinks its low when its not) then change the settings to the following:

Internal: Nimh
External: Not Installed

This will drain the li-ion to the lowest voltage supported by the camera firmware. There is a slim chance the camera may read 25% and it has lost power until the sun charges the battery back up again. Mike at herd360 has not provided the deails for this panel so I am not exactly sure which settings work the best. Some of the comme[…]

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