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These are the release notes for this version. the primary new feature is the ability to individually calibrate the temperature on your cameras. We have found that there are just hardware differences in any batch of temperature sensor chips and a single firmware can't calibrate them all. So, to get your camera temperature as close to actual as possible we use the new camera settings "Temperature Calibration".
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I did the update and it installed smoothly. I recommend doing any temp adjustments at night in case any direct sunlight is effecting the cameras temp sensor.
I felt like first thing in the am before sun up or sun hits camera to allow it to reach a coldest temp then calibrate it. its what I did this morning and it seemed to work well.
I did the firmware update which went super smooth and only took a couple minutes if that. It was done over the network which is totally a "hands off" update and very convenient. I was able to offset the temperature in the settings menu very easily. Now the cameras stamped temperature is very close to my weather station (Davis pro vantage).

What I have noticed is when the camera is tripped a few times in a short duration (1-2) minutes. The first displayed temp might be 32 degrees. Within the same minute, the second temp displayed will be 34 degrees. The third camera trip within another minute will display 36 degrees. It seems like there is always a 2 degree temperature rise between pictures. I've witnessed this pattern quite a few times.

Since I use trail cameras on my own property, I really dont have a need for a temp stamp on a camera. It may be useful for others using cameras in remote locations. The fact I noticed a 2 degree rise in short grouped photos is just an observation that I would never find significant. But in case its helpful down the line.
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