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This Lookout camera finally went dead. It has ran on one set of Lithium energizers now for 7 months. The bulk of that time was through cold winter weather.

Its last heartbeat was 6 hours ago. It has missed three heartbeats now. funny how the Lithiums still report as 100% even though they are dead. The camera is using voltage to make the decision on battery level.

The signal was was decent here at 4G on AT&T. The camera used stock antennas and no external battery. It ran on video mode and we requested videos fairly often so demo users would have something to look out.

All Lookouts have the same battery efficiency. chase in CA will have to find time to brave the wilds of the rockies and snow and make the trek to put new batteries in. Its Grizzly country so better him than me :mrgreen:
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Those are some pretty impressive numbers. The average uploads per battery would be almost 100 videos. Whats more impressive is how many pool reserve points the camera has built up :D
hahaha. Yes, that is a rather high reserve.... When I test things sometimes I add a camera over and over and over and get a free month over and over and over. After hours of testing you get a reserve like that. :mrgreen:

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