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By reaperman
Anthony wrote: Sat Jan 02, 2021 8:20 pm We are working on a new camera yes and I hope to have it released this year yes. We are adding new accessories as well.
I'd assume the overall look of the camera body would remain the same, perhaps Im wrong. If there was one minor change I would make to the case design would be on the bottom of the cameras door. On occasion I use my camera on a tripod. The bottom lip of the door sits lower then the mounting hole on the bottom of the camera. So if the camera is attached to the tripod's connecting bolt, the door can't be opened because its wedged tight to the tripod base. To overcome this issue, I made an adapter to raise the camera higher so the door can swing open and closed freely. Feel free to use my suggestions without fear of copyright infringement :D
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By Anthony
At this time and place in our growth, we find it extremely difficult to compete with companies that sell non-cellular under $100 for a good all around camera.

The issue is not technology. It is price. If our non-cellular is significantly higher then it will not sell well.

Its hard to compete with WildGame and those guys who sell > 500K units per year. Their factory can offer deep quantity discounts.

Suppose Ridgetec produces a future camera with enhanced image quality over the lookout and additional features and made a non-cellular version...

What would youexpect to pay for the unit ? (retail MSRP)
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By reaperman
csb wrote: Sun Jan 03, 2021 11:06 am Right Reap. only way around that is to use an adapter. How thick did it have to be to get you the clearance you needed?
See the photos below. I simply used part of a doorknob assembly I had lying around. You can see the hardware I used, a 1/4 inch bolt is standard for the female camera mount plus a few nuts. The little plate allows the camera to sit offset if need be. It’s what I had at the time for a quick and dirty setup. But it works good so I didn’t see the need to go another route. I made a second one for my other tripod.
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