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Can somebody tell me how to download a picture off of the ridgetec portal to my phone gallery so I can send it in a text. When I select a picture and hit the download button it says download queued but I can't find the pictures in my phone gallery or my downloads. I dont know where they are going. Thanks Jeff W
I use a iPhone, android I believe is similar. You put your phone in landscape (sideways) view, click the little green box with the white down arrow. Then it should say download queued, then another little box will pop up and say file #xxx downloaded. From there, any photos are automatically sent into the "photos" folder on my phone. If you keep your phone in portrait mode, the little green box with the download arrow isn't visible.
no Items permanently queued but it says 7 downloads in progress which I think is the number of pictures that I tried downloading from my home page to move to my phone gallery. if I hit stop all to stop the downloads it doesn't do anything. It is like the app is jammed up. I went into tools and forced the ridgtec app to stop and then started the app up again. I got the downloads to stop but I noticed in my phone gallery that there is pictures in there from my ridgetec portal that I didnt even try to save. When I hit the green download button on the left bottom of the picture I am trying to download to my phone gallery it will show at the top of the page ridgetec download queued but they dont show up in my phone gallery and I cant find them in my download files on my phone. I Dont know where the pictures are going.?
ok I have seen this happen a few times. If they are "in progress" but never complete then you can clear the apps cache.

The quickest and easiest way to clear the cache for "stuck" downloads on ios (On Android there is a single button click and its done) is to remove the app or delete the app (uninstall), then redownload, launch and log back in.

Can you try it? If you are still having trouble then lets open a ticket on Ridgetec help desk. Send an email about the issue to:
One more thing.... You should have been prompted to "Allow" downloads from the app. If the app does not have permission then they will never come down.

You can use you app manager on your phone and check the permissions and verify that downloads are allowed.
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