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By reaperman
I recall a while ago there was a option for different flash settings on the Lookout camera. If I remember, it was bright, balance, and low blur? Looking at the settings in the portal I notice the option is no longer present. I have no issue with the flash whatsoever. Rather Im just curious if the best overall flash illumination was built into a firmware update along the way. What got me thinking is I was looking at my friends photos of a camera he has placed in an open field thru his shared portal. I know open areas are tougher to illuminate where there is nothing for the flash to bounce off, especially triggers further out. He really doesn't pay much attention to the settings on his cameras. Thankfully, I can see his settings and tell him what to change.
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By Anthony
The Flash setting is available when camera mode is Photo rather than video. It affects the light metering function. Bright will increase the duration of the exposure allowing light to accumulate on the CMOS sensor for a longer period. As a result this may create more motion blur.

Most Cameras just have "Bright" because this is what customers want and they are not given an option to control this function. All IR cameras will have motion blur.

The higher the megapixel the more the motion blur will be unless the flash also grows along with the megapixel rating.
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