If it aint related to one of the other forums, then this is the place for it !!! Enjoy!
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By dbaxter
Happy New Year to all of the good folks on ChasinGame!!! :D
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By Ol Arky
Back at ya David :mrgreen:
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By reaperman
Mother nature is bringing in the new year with another 5" of snow last night and teens below zero tonight and tomorrow night. It sure feels like January around here. But my woodstove is fighting back hard. Its 80 degrees in the house and my wife is yelling at me to quit putting wood in the stove, its too hot! The funny thing is a few weeks ago we were in Fiji and New Zealand and not once did I hear her complain it was too warm 8)

Happy New Year To All !!!
Another nice PA buck

Should be another good one.

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